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Boy; it's been hella long since I have written, well, typed in this thing. First off, let me tell you some really heart breaking news. I have lost my camera! I know! How retarded can I get? But yes, I lost it. I was at a friends house, and of course, I was going to take pictures when all the other people got there. Well, when it came time to leave, I found that my camera was no where to be seen. So, I asked my friend if she could please look for it, and she did. Or at least tried. The next day she said that it was no where in her house, by her house, or anywhere to be seen. So, it's gone. D": Sadly. Once I get a brand new camera, I will be taking bunch of new pictures just for you guys to see! That is, if you still think I'm here by the time that day rolls around.;']. But that is WHY i have no new pictures; and if I do ever get some up; they will be from my cellphone. ~_~

ANYWAYYYY; onto good news. I STARTED HIGHSCHOOOOOOOOL~ I feel so old, but yet so young. HAH. I have been enjoying it, even though it's school, I like it. The whole though of yano, my brain growing, makes me happy in a really weird way. Haha. Can I tell you a bit 'bout my teachers? Well I'm going to anyway D<

My Math teacher, is pretty okay. I mean, I HATE math, but somehow, she keeps me away.
My second period class is PE; i HATE PE in all aspects. The moving thing doesn't really go well with me, but whatever. I like my teacher, he's far.
Third period I have Biology; and he is going to be one of my favorite teachers and class. My partner is funny and we wont have much homework because most days we will be doing labs. Which, excites me.
Fourth period is World History, FUCK..YES. I"M GOING TO LOVE THIS CLASS. Even IF I have to do sucky ass projects, my teacher is amazing. She is going to be my absolute favorite. :'] She makes history fun.
Fifth period is English; my teacher in this class is funny, but ohhh so very scary. She cursed in class and said that if she sees us in five years she going to point and laugh at us because we are stupid. I think that class is going to be one of my hardest.
Sixth period, and my very last, is French. My teacher makes French suck. She is scary, and..i dont know. Some days she's amazing, but good lord. I HATE standing in class, and I no longer look forward to the end of the day. lsdajfsadlfk I think this is going to my HARDEST class. Not because it's a different language, but because of how fast things are moving. It's insane. I dont know. Hm.

All in all, I like switching classes. I never did before.
For those of you who didn't know, I went to a private school all my life, up until now. We had to sit in the same room seven hours a day with the same teacher. Uniforms and the whole ten yards. Haha.

But; yeah. I gots math to do; so I'll talk to you tomorrow or..who knows when.:']


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